BDGE's Rookie Draft Guide is an exhaustive primer on the upcoming rookie class. Ideal for those who need a fantasy football introduction on the new fleet of college rookies, this guide will provide you with written content as well as rankings and video snippets on each player to guide your evaluations going into your dynasty drafts.
Rookie Profiles
Our rookie profiles are a journey through every (fantasy-relevant) rookie’s collegiate career. We start with film breakdown, slalom through stat and analytics, NFL Combine performance, active player comps & and rookie/dynasty start-up draft suggestions based on NFL Draft capital and landing spot.
Rookie Rankings
On the clock in your dynasty rookie draft and unsure of who to take? Our full rookie rankings are updated daily with every position (1QB, SF, TE Prem?)
Noah's RB Corner
Noah brings electricity to BDGE’s rookie running back content with his proprietary advanced data. Data which is, no pun intended, elusive outside of these videos. Until now. We’ve gathered, organized and made accessible all of Noah’s advanced running back stats to provide context and give you a clear understanding of how each ’23 running back stacks up in this year’s class.
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